Blast and Cruise

Blast and Cruise is a new method of handling anabolic and androgenic steroids. In earlier days, no one was blasting and cruising. This is the biggest reason why old school bodybuilders can’t compare to today’s mass monsters. During eruption and cruise cycle protocols, people never stop using anabolic steroids.

They usually explode using multiple anabolic steroids stacked together in high doses for a period of about 8-16 weeks. Then they travel the same length as testosterone – only in lower doses. Then you explode again. There are those who have been repeating this protocol for years.

The bottom line is that you should never stop taking anabolic and androgenic steroids. You always inject testosterone to keep your testosterone levels high. Since you manage to maintain consistent testosterone levels, you do not need a PCT plan.

It also helps you avoid the effects of physical and psychological withdrawal, as your hormone levels do not fluctuate so much. It helps to avoid muscle and energy loss, low sex drive, low mood, depression and certain other symptoms that come from steroids.

Nevertheless, explosions and cruise cycles increase the risk of protocol damage. You use steroids constantly so the body may not be able to fully recover.

What is Cruising

Instead of a PCT plan, after one cycle, you continue to use testosterone but in lower doses. Some people use high doses (such as 500 mg / week) of testosterone, but it can put more strain on your body and cause more damage to your organs.

Typically, a cruising protocol is – testosterone alone at 100-200 mg / week. Generally, cruising lasts at least as long as you are blasting before starting another explosion. For example, 14 week blast = 14 week cruise before exploding again.

However, the minimum time for cruising is 8 weeks before jumping into the eruption again. However, if you have been blasting for more than 8 weeks, it may not be enough time for your body to recover.
Cruising is meant to help recover from an explosion. But it doesn’t put you on the same hormonal rollercoaster as post cycle therapy.

What is Blast using steroids?

The blasting period is basically the same cycle that you run to reach your body and performance growth goals. You use a variety of anabolic steroids stacked together in high doses to gain muscle mass and strength.

Blasting usually lasts at least 8 weeks and up to 16 weeks. It is commonly used in higher testosterone doses and at least one other anabolic steroid. Professionals stack 4-5 steroids together. The exact dose of each steroid and testosterone, the correct cycle length and number of steroids stacked depends on your experience, goals, weight and height, age and other factors.

Why should you follow Blast and Cruise protocol

Start your ejaculation with testosterone 600-800 mg / week. Stack it with other steroids of your choice like Deca Durabolin or Equipoise 400-600 mg / week. Both are used for 12-14 weeks. You can add oral steroids to start your ejaculation / cycle. Such as Dianabol dose 50 mg / day for the first 4-6 weeks.
After a 12-14 week eruption, you travel alone with testosterone for 12-14 weeks, usually at a dose of about 100-200 mg / week. You are then ready to start your next explosion.

An explosion and cruise protocol refers to the choice between high (explosion) and low (cruise) doses of steroids. The main goal of this method is to more effectively maintain the gains achieved during the eruption phase because the rollercoaster of hormones seen in a traditional cycle-PCT protocol is avoided. When on an explosion and cruise, no one stops steroids completely and as such, a faster and more consistent development can be expected in an extended period of time.

For each individual phase

the “cruise” usually contains a lower dose of testosterone than during your ejaculation period. A cruise phase can be an actual TRT dose, slightly above or better than these doses depending on your size and blast dose. It can combine hormones, such as test / deca or test with a little dbol here and there. Boys blasting with 500mg total will probably cruise at or near the TRT dose, while boys blasting with 3-4g will cruise 350-700mg per week. This stage is especially suitable for feeding on top of maintenance and training and is a good hormonal environment for achieving test or test / deca or even test / debol mass alone.

The “explosion” episode consists of a time when more substances are used and the dose is higher. Depending on whether you are trying to lose muscle or fat, different compounds and dietary strategies are recommended based on your goals. Most people do a few blasts a year to check for risk and health. An eruption is usually a stage where your body goes through a significant amount of stress because multiple steroids are being used for several weeks at a time.

If you want to get involved in an explosion and cruise protocol, there are a few key things to keep in mind when considering this:

This is a promise:

once you explode and go on a cruise for a while, it’s much harder to let go than regular cycles, because your body’s own hormones have stopped for a long time and will probably take longer to recover if they are able to do HRT or Even possible);

Regular blood work is strongly recommended: If you are on the Blast and Cruise protocols, you should regularly check lipid levels and organ function, so that you have a chance to stop / recover before it’s too late;

Regular injections:

Depending on which ester is being used, you will need to inject frequently throughout the year. This means taking steroids with you on vacation or arranging to get them locally;

There is no hormonal difference from the slightest: since you have a constant source of extraneous hormones during eruptions and cruises, you should not rely on your body fluctuations to control your levels; Your natural production is completely bypassed.

Steady, Quick Profit:

When entering the cruise phase, if done correctly, you will be able to keep a very good amount of profit during the eruption because there will be no hormonal shutdown time;
Physical and mental well-being: The hardest part of a regular cycle is getting it done.

It seems like your energy is gone, your levels in the mirror are getting worse and smaller every day, your libido is declining and all the other effects of stopping steroids can affect you emotionally and physically. With explosions and cruises, this will not happen with such intensity, because you will be supplemented with testosterone even after the explosion phase is over.

Typically, a blast and cruise method is the first thing a bodybuilder changes when he decides to be serious about it and wants to be competitive. Since this is a firm commitment, recreational steroid users should really consider whether it is worth doing. If you do, use quality gear and take care of your health as much as possible.

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